The Day When They look like Dancing / これがダンスに見える日

*Participation: “Tokyo Art Meeting ⅴ, Seeking New Genealogies -Leaps/Traces/Bodies-”

Curation: Shintaro Oue, Mirai Moriyama, and Shintaro Hirahara

Curatorial Statement:
Life, as if as a matter of course, exists here, now, in each of its environments due to a succession of accidental encounters. Suppose we call a given moving image “dance.” We can assume there will naturally be some discrepancy between the “dance” seen by each person and the expression actually unfolding on the screen. Surely, there will also be some who are unable to see the image as “dance” at all. The “performativity of the body,” then, is what has risen to the surface as the three of us, both as dancers and as ordinary, unique human beings, have curated images of dance. Even if accidental, the very act of selection is a mark of living (a miracle of life), and it seems that a series of such acts makes up the process of creative expression (and indeed, of everyday living).



Date: Sep 2014 – Jan 2015

Place: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo