Upload a New Mind to the Body (Exhibition)

* Participation:  “GLOBALE: New Sensorium Exiting from Failures of Modernization”

Choreography and performance: Mirai Moriyama

Film Direction: Yuichi Kodama

Music: Koshi Miura

Co-Choreography: Ruri Mitoh

Curation: Yuko Hasegawa

His solo performance titled “Upload a New Mind to the Body” will newly be produced for this exhibition, aiming to eliminate the boundaries of subject/object… Moriyama will wear a membrane on his body, which represents an existing OS. It will be dried and peels off as his intense bodily movements as if a new OS is uploaded through conflicts with the existing defaults settings. A sound piece accompanies the performance, deconstructing the name of the performer ‘MO-RI-YA-MA-MI-RA-I’ into syllables, adding a Dada-ism gesture to the performance.
The video work (same title) is made followed the concept of this performance.
His body is captured by special camera with detailed surface of the skin and dynamic body movements, to present transitional time/space.

Date: Mar 2016 – Sep 2016

Place: ZKM | Center for Art and Media

HP: http://zkm.de/en/event/2016/03/globale-new-sensorium