Artist in Residence KOBE “AiRK” (Management)

2022年4月より、様々なアーティストやクリエイターが集う文化の港として神戸を更に開いていく為、神戸市中央区の異人館街、北野地区に国内外のアーティストが滞在できる施設「Artist in Residence KOBE(アーティスト・イン・レジデンス神戸)を始動、運営しています。

In efforts to further promote Kobe as a cultural port for artists and creators, “Artist in Residence KOBE” was established and began its operations in April 2022, in the charming district of Kitano in Kobe’s Chuo-ward. The facility will accommodate artists and creators from both Japan and abroad, The facility is located

Operating: Association HAAYMM

Operating members: Hiroaki Koizumi, Ayumi Koizumi, Aiko Oizumi, Yutaka Endo, Mari Matsushita, Mirai Moriyama

Establishment: April 2022

Address: 6500002 Hyogo, Kobe, Chuo Ward, Kitanocho, 4 Chome−16−7 Yamaguchi House 3F




photo by: Junpei Iwamoto